Tips & Information On Hiring a Web Designer & SEO Specialist

  • Confirm that you own your domain. If your domain (website name or url) is purchased by the web design company, it should be registered in your name. Get login and password information where your domain is registered.
  • Ensure that you can move your site at will.
  • Ensure that you own the web design you paid for.
  • Ensure there are no hidden fees.

Often when you purchase your site by an online web design company that allows you to build your own site with no web designing skills, experience, or knowledge, you are forced to use their hosting services; you are not allowed any rights to the web design; and you will not have the freedom to move the site to a different hosting company at will.

Search Engine Optimization Tips:

  • Cheating in SEO is known as black-hat SEO.

If you are ever guaranteed by an search engine optimization company that they will make you number 1 in the search results for your keywords, run as fast as you can. It is very easy to do this by cheating the search engines, but Web Designs by L Smith is an honest company and follow best search engine marketing procedures. Cheating will get you to the top very quickly, but once the search engines finds out, your business will be punished and your online reputation will suffer and possibly become invisible to the search engines.

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