Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Web Designs by L Smith provides search engine optimization services. Search engine optimization also known as search engine marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, and search engine placement is defined as getting your website found by those who need and are looking for your services or products. We specialize in SEO services at affordable prices for small businesses groth. We will drive traffic of potential customers to your site and other places where you can be found online.  Your website will focus on local and organic SEO.

Having a strong web presence is a necessity in today’s business environment, but being found on the web by those searching for your services or products is equally important. With our internet marketing service, your business will gain new customers and clients to increase your sales. This is exactly what’s provided with our search engine optimization services.

SEO Motto: Web Designs with SEO in Mind

Among many things, construction of your website is essential in search engine marketing efforts. Search engines are looking for specific things in your website. I will ensure that they find what they are looking for when crawling your site.

Cheating in search engine optimization is known as *black-hat SEO. If you are ever guaranteed by an SEO company that they will make you number 1 in the search results for your keywords, run as fast as you can. Chances are, they will be applying some black-hat SEO techniques. It is very easy to do this by cheating the search engines, but Web Designs by L Smith is an honest company and follow best search engine marketing procedures. Cheating will get you to the top very quickly, but once the search engines finds out, your business will be penalized by the search engines and will suffer online.

*Black Hat SEO is online marketing techniques that are considered to be against the terms and guidelines of the online marketing services providers (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). We do not do use black hat SEO techniques!

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